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Libertarian Letter writing Kit

August 21st 2005

Libertarian Letter writing Kit statue of liberty

Libertarian Party of FL

St Petersburg, FL--Want to write a letter to the editor or to Government officals but can't find the time? Libertarians say they can help.

Libertarians in Pinellas County Florida, which includes the cities of Clearwater and St. Petersburg, are offering letter-writing workshops to help part-time activists and concerned citizens. While oriented to Libertarians, the workshops are open to all. Most attendees are not Libertarians Party members, say organizers.

They even have a free web kit for the disabled, busy moms, retirees or others unable to attend the workshops. The website includes sample published letters and tips, on a web page with convenient links to local papers.


"The kit is very popular," said Scott Palachek, who works with disabled groups."If you then go to the Blog you can even write the U.N."

Other workshops, which range from 1 hour to all day intensives, cover community activism, becoming a candidate, briefings by public figures, and issues such as election reform.

Other Libertarian groups in Florida offer events too. Topics include open forums on public issues, how-to's of public speaking, seeing if your property taxes are too high, and conflict resolution techniques. These local groups may be contacted at, which also has a web forum for people with questions on Libertarianism.


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By Mike Davis
Mike is a freelance writer

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