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Democrat and Libertarians election voting reform moves forward in Florida

October 29th 2005

Democrat and Libertarians voting reform moves forward in Florida

Florida Election Reform

St Petersburg, Florida-- An unusual non-partisan coalition of 14 community organizations led by Democrats and Libertarians has begun to score victories after shaking up Florida politics with a path breaking coalition report last spring.

The report, 'Pinellas Elections-Continual Improvement' reflects testimony of hundreds of unhappy voters and a consensus on a problem solving agenda by the Election Reform Coalition of Pinellas. The report may be read at http://www.ERCPinellas.org

Among the recommendations were an Election Advisory Board welcoming all parties, paper trails, ballot requirement reductions, and a more open process. The report has had favorable attention as far as the UK, and the coalition as a political model for continuing local co-operation.



One problem cited in the report was the practice of closed rooms for some parts of the election process. Coalition members met with officials and after a review of current law and the coalition's findings, it was agreed that candidate and party observers had a right to be present from now on.

'It's a very key step,' said Arlin Briley, the local Democratic Party Vice Chair. 'We feel we're not only moving forward but building bridges here.'

In a Florida first, observers from all parties will stand side by side at the next local election on November 8th.

The coalition has gotten past initial scepticism to increasing local media support and government advisory board interest. Recently, the local Charter Review Commission heard a presentation by the coalition's Libertarian Party leader, Michael Gilson-De Lemos, on the coalition's findings, and a further presentation has been scheduled November 19th by the League of Women Voters of St Petersburg.

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