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Florida Libertarians Help Foil National Eminent Domain
November 19th 2005

Florida Libertarians Help Foil National Eminent Domain

Florida Libertarians

Orlando, FL--When the Supreme Court recently ruled that seizing people's property for the profit of local developers was not only Constitutional but actually a core purpose of government, many Libertarians sprang into action, coordinated by the Florida Libertarian Party, which has a long history of fighting Eminent Domain in Florida.

Its Vice Chair traveled to Washington. Libertarian activists besieged legislators and met with property rights groups. Non Libertarian Party activists attracted national chuckles by pointedly starting an initiative against the homes of 2 Supreme Court Justices to seize their homes using the very policy they favored. Newscasters interviewed Libertarians on national television. Once again Libertarians were helping form and lead a non-partisan, broad coalition--this time against a Supreme Court ruling hailed as a victory for expanding government and central planning.

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This week Congress passed legislation limiting the Supreme Court decision so, observers say, there would be less Eminent Domain power than before.


The Bill, HR 4128, was passed by a landslide 376 to 38 majority and now goes to the Senate.

In a statement thanking activists, Walt Augustinowicz, Vice -Chair of the Florida Libertarians, said, "We did it. This is a great bill. It will be a great help."

The Bill forbids using Eminent Domain for reasons of 'economic development' and withstood a last minute effort to gut it. It now faces a battle in the Senate.

Typical of local Libertarian activists were the Libertarian Party affiliate in in St Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida, where members were urged to contact legislators and e-mail friends, said Julie Chorgo, its Secretary.

The Libertarian Institute for Justice, which coordinated one of the coalition groups, had no doubts that citizen's efforts were key. "The amendments that would have substantially weakened the protections it affords were rejected," said co-coordinator Christina Walsh. "This tremendous outcome was a direct result of your calls and letters to Congress. But the battle is just beginning; the bill now heads to the Senate. We will need your support again to make sure that the Senate follows the House's lead in refusing to fund eminent domain abuse."

A growing number of economists and litigators view Eminent Domain as an obsolete government power that does more harm than good. They cite examples of development projects that actually created less revenue, or that increased joblessness.


By M. Davis
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