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TV 'Law and Order" Actor Michael Moriarty on Why He Likes Libertarians

December 28th 2005

TV 'Law and Order" Actor Michael Moriarty on Why He Likes Libertarians

Michael Moriarty

St Petersburg, Florida--Libertarians have a lot to say about improving society, says Michael Moriarty, former star of TV's 'Law & Order' and distinguished actor of numerous films.

Mr. Moriarty will be giving a special rare interview on the Call-In Libertarian Radio Show 'FreedomWorks!' at 9 PM EST, on Tuesday, January 3, 2006.  The show can be heard via internet at its site at and welcomes call in comments at 1-866-TAN-1340.



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The popular actor has been a hit with critics as well, and won two Emmy Awards, a Tony Award, and a Golden Globe Award. His movies include "Bang the Drum Slowly" and "Pale Rider."

Mr. Moriarty is also a jazz musician and playwright of the stage hit "Hitler and Jesus" and supports various humanitarian causes. In recent years, he has developed a reputation as a stinging social critic whose poetic, absurdist-style articles have attracted a devoted following. The contrarian articles typically explore how symbols in marketing unexpectedly affect people's perceptions.

After learning of the US Libertarian Party and visiting one of its board meetings some years ago, the actor became interested in Libertarian international activities, especially in helping native peoples.


The show is part of an ongoing series where the FreedomWorks! invites political and cultural celebrities to discuss Libertarian ideas and social trends.

FreedomWorks! also explores how people are using Libertarian and less-government ideas to better their community, and has attracted a wide range of guests from across the political spectrum, who often use it to announce changes in their thinking.

Broadcast on 3 stations in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, it has a wide national and even international following, with listener e-mails from as far as Mongolia.



Says Mr. Moriarty: "We've been asleep for about 50 years. Ever since the end of World War II we just steadily handed our future and our bank accounts and now our children, handed them all over to the federal government...National Health? Socialized pension funds? State-controlled television? Search and seizure laws? Forfeiture laws? If we're not in the Soviet Union of the United States we certainly have returned to 1776 and 'taxation without representation.'"


By M. Davis
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