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Methods of Dealing with Pain

August 9th 2005

Pain relief through diet by Harvey Diamond Article Lymph System

Harvey Diamond

The number one reason for doctor visits in the U.S. is pain and nothing else even comes close.  The number of people is staggering:  200 million who suffer pain on some regular basis, at least once a month, and 92 million people in unrelenting, chronic pain every day without letup. 

A very significant number of these people are being told by the medical community that there is no known cause for why they are in pain.  There is speculation to be sure, as to the cause, but essentially, medical professionals are baffled and mystified, declaring that the cause is unknown.

This regrettable situation has led these people to believe that their one and only recourse is pain management.  Everything to be found regarding dealing with pain revolves around managing, coping with, or in some way learning how to live with pain.  There is not a word to be found as regards how one might go about removing the cause of the pain because it has been accepted as fact that the cause is unknown.


Unfortunately the number one tool in pain management is drugs; highly toxic, deadly drugs that injure and kill a lot of people.  Two million people are severely injured and over 100 thousand of them die every year as a result of taking prescription drugs.  That is more than all the deaths attributed to breast cancer, prostate cancer, and AIDS combined!  And that number is the result of taking the drugs correctly in every way.  Add accidents into the equation and the number doubles to over 200 thousand dying every year.

This is a subject for which I am all too aware.  Exposed to Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam I have a debilitating condition known as Peripheral Neuropathy (PN).  It can be horribly painful and is in almost all cases fatal.  Although I have considerable damage to the muscles of my body, I have figured out how to be pain free, without taking a single drug, and I am one of, if not the, longest known survivors of Agent Orange-induced PN to still be walking around on my own without help.  And I did it through my diet.

The reason why members of the medical community are so utterly convinced that there is no answer to why millions of people suffer from pain is because the answer as to why, is to be found in the one area they have historically and notoriously ignored:  diet and nutrition.

The living body is self-repairing, self-healing, and self-maintaining, and will “fix” whatever is wrong with it, given the opportunity to do so.  The same way the body “knows” how to fix a cut finger, it will heal any and all problems through the use of the heart and soul of the immune system known as the lymph system.  Commonly referred to as the body’s “garbage collector” the lymph system is unimaginably complex and extensive within the body.  In addition to the countless number of nodes and glands, some large, some ever so tiny, the body also contains three times more lymph fluid than it does blood.  And its sole job is to keep you alive and well.

In terms of whatever health goals you might have, be it to lose weight, increase energy, remove pain, overcome ill health, or prevent disease, nothing is more important than taking care of your lymph system to the best of your ability.  And the one factor that has the greatest impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the lymph system is one’s diet.  I have been studying the effect of diet and the lymph system on human health for over 35 years and there is absolutely no doubt that the reason why I am alive and pain free today is because of what I have learned. 


Each one of us will eat approximately 70 tons of food in our lifetime.  There is a way of eating that will hinder the activities of the lymph system and there is a way of eating that will unleash its incomparable abilities. Before going even one word further I want to allay any concerns you may have that you will have to eat a diet of wood chips and grass clippings washed down with mineral water.  You can put that right out of your mind.  Eating plays far too big a role in our life for it to become a clinical endeavor of calorie counting, portion measuring, and deprivation. 

The eating experience must remain a joyous one, or else the entire process of recovery becomes a forced march of punishment rather than an enjoyable and pleasurable experience.  I would never be associated with an eating plan based on restriction and deprivation that constantly leaves you hungry, bored, and wanting more.  No food groups are excluded, no off-the-wall practices that fly in the face of reason, no long, complicated list of do’s, don’ts, can’ts and nevers.  Changes will be required, yes, but you can rest assured that you can eat and enjoy the foods you like.  The difference will be in what you eat at what times and in what combinations.  That’s all there is to it.

By Harvey Diamond
Harvey is the Co-Author of the
Fit For Life

According to Mr. Diamond there simply is no reason why anyone has to live in pain dependent upon dangerous drugs just to get through the day.  Over the last two decades he has written eight books in the FIT FOR LIFE series. His writing style is conversational and totally non-technical. According to Harvey "I don't write for doctors and scientists; I write for folks. You won't need a dictionary by your side in order to understand what you read.  My last book is called LIVING WITHOUT PAIN and in it you will learn exactly how to eat in order to unleash your body’s lymph system so that you can start to enjoy your God-given birthright of a long, pain free, disease free life."

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