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Supreme Court Eminent Domain Decision

July 15th 2005

Supreme Court Building Eminent Domain Decision

Eminent Domain Decision

Atlanta Ga. - Nearly a week after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled (5/4) that local governments may seize a person's private property and turn it over to private developers, a libertarian activist group has launched a campaign to protect property rights in Georgia.

As Director of the Libertarian Action Network, Inc. (LAN) I announced today the “S.T.O.P. Campaign” or “Stop Taking Our Property”. The grass roots campaign will target local and state government to pass legislation protecting property rights.

We said the Supreme Court ruled that local governments could limit the power of eminent domain and this campaign will show our lawmakers that the public is seeking protection.

“Property rights is the foundation of a free nation”, Bell said. “We want to see state and local officials affirm publicly their commitment to protecting property rights”.


LAN has been on the front lines of property rights protection and has drafted House Resolution 87 that was introduced by State Representative Bill Hembree (R) of Douglasville. HR-87 has bi-partisan support; it’s expected to be addressed in the 2006 legislative session.

Mike Raiford, Legislative Director for LAN and author of HR-87 said the public must act now and demand the Georgia Legislature to pass HR-87.

“It seems everyone is outraged by the court’s ruling”, Raiford said. “We must act now… we must demand protection, our property and our freedom is at stake.”

Raiford, who serves as vice-chairman of the Libertarian Party of Douglas County, is asking Douglas officials to support HR-87 and a local resolution protecting personal property.

In Cobb County, LP Chairman, David Chastain will also be seeking support from Cobb officials and is drafting a resolution for their consideration.

Libertarian Action Network, Inc. is an independent libertarian organization founded in 2004 by activists dedicated to advancing libertarian ideals through direct political action projects. LAN is not an affiliate of the Libertarian Party.

Originally written on July 7th 2005

By James Bell   770-739-1543
Director of Libertarian Action Network, Inc.


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