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5 Cleaning Tips and a Recommendation for Cleaning Services

November 17th 2005

5 Cleaning Tips and a Recommendation for Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

No one likes a dirty house.  A clean home and an orderly environment help us to think more clearly and to enjoy our lives a lot more than we would if we lived in a pig pen (my mother used to refer to my room with that friendly term).  This article will provide you with 5 helpful cleaning tips as well as a recommendation for cleaning services.  Cleaning services are not always necessary for your homeóalthough they are wonderful--but if you have a business, a warehouse or even a condo they are necessary and should be chosen carefully.
1) From the Top Down
If you have a home or an apartment with multiple levels, then this tip applies especially to you! Whether you are cleaning for spring or fall, you should always begin your tidy-up process from the highest level of your house.  Okay, so you donít have to start in the attic unless you are really ambitious, but at least start from the top inhabitable floor of your home. 
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That way you wonít have to back track through rooms that you have already cleaned and it will be easier to prioritize the Ďjunkí that you can get rid of once you know the contents of your entire house.  This process does not have to occur all at once! Select a month when you have some extra time and clean two or three rooms every weekend during that particular month.  You will be surprised at how fast your home begins to sparkle, not to mention that everything will smell great!  Also, if you donít have time to tackle the chores by yourself, consider cleaning services. Professional cleaning services can often be obtained for low prices and are most certainly worth the price that you pay.

2) Take it Easy-This Tip is Important!

Many avid cleaners love to go straight for their wire brushes and their most potent chemical cleaners, assuming that the harder they scrub the cleaner their house will be.  This, of course, isnít always true.  A wise cleaner will use the mildest scrubbers and cleaners possible and work towards more potent methods if necessary.  You might be surprised to know that with regular vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice (used separately) you can clean many items more effectively than you could clean those same items with more expensive household cleaners.  Lemon juice is a favorite of many non-abrasive cleaning gurus.  It smells great and works effectively.  You may also be interested in the type of scents and cleaners that cleaning services would provide if they came to clean your home.
3) Wet then Dry? Dry then Wet?

The debate continues; should you start with the dry jobs (i.e. vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, etc.) or with the wet jobs (glass cleaner, mopping, using additional wet cleaners)? This is of course fairly obvious when it comes to sweeping and mopping but it is recommendable that the other dry jobs be done first as well.  By doing this, you will increase your chance of getting rid of at least most of the dust in your home so you wonít have to deal with an even stickier mess when you get around to your wet cleaning.
Donít feel like you have time to clean the way that you would like to? Again, consider professional cleaning services.
4) Time Heals All Wounds
Take a little time to learn which cleaners work the best once they have sat for 5-15 minutes and have another cleaning job in mind which you can accomplish during that time period.  This, or course is more of a time management tip than a cleaning one, but when it comes to cleaning speed is second only to quality.  Also, if you would like your cleaning done fast, look no further than professional cleaning services.
5) Sooner is Better
The golden rule of cleaning is to get spots and stains out while they are still fresh.  Even the toughest grease or ketchup stains will come out without effort if you catch them in their beginning stages.

By Marci Crane
Marci Crane is a web content specialist for 10x Marketing in Orem, Utah.  For more information in regards to cleaning services or janitorial service (for your business, warehouse, or condo) please feel free to contact C&D Professional Services.  C&D can also provide you with information in regards to landscape design.  Contact Marci

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