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Natural Pain Relief solves aches caused by everyday work or play

October 30th 2005

Natural Pain Relief solves aches caused by everyday work or play

Natural Pain Relief

According to the Center for Work and Health, thirteen percent of the total US workforce experiences a loss in productive time due to common pain complaints. Headache is the most common of these pain complaints, followed by back pain.

The conclusion of the study? Pain is an inordinately common and disabling condition in the US workforce. And while there are many prescription medications available, recent scares about serious side effects have brought natural pain relief remedies into the spotlight.

Most of the pain-related lost productive time occurs while employees are at work and is in the form of reduced performance. Using a prescription remedy can contribute to this reduced performance as they tend to dull your senses. Many Americans prefer a natural pain relief remedy in order to stay alert.

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The activities that are causing this pain are not necessarily strenuous - they can occur as a result of our day-to-day work or play. A person sitting in a badly designed office chair all day can easily end up with agonizing lower back pain. A nurse lifting an obese patient in the normal routine of her day sometimes ends up as a patient herself with lower back problems. A computer programmer or web designer can develop painful carpal tunnel syndrome.

Strenuous sports carry an even greater risk when muscles, joints, tendons and cartilage are put under abnormal strain. Ask any wrestler, baseball, basketball or soccer player whether they have ever had a sore back or muscle pain and almost a hundred percent will admit to having had at least some severe muscle pain.

The technology of 'working out' is based on the fact that to build muscle by exercising, we actually break down muscle, and when it regenerates it is stronger than it was before. It is this breaking down process that causes the soreness and stiffness that led to the old 'no pain, no gain' philosophy.

Watch someone who is not a regular equestrian after being out for an unfamiliarly long horse ride and watch his or her strange walk for a few days. We find it amusing to see, but they are experiencing extreme pain in muscles they never knew they had.

Prescription painkillers certainly do suppress the pain, but apart from the frightening side effects, they also lower one's awareness and alertness making work more difficult and lessening one's competitive edge.

After many years of study and research combining the best of the natural alternatives with the latest technology there are now completely safe and natural pain relief remedies that can keep you on top of your game - at work or play.


By Judy Cutler
Judy is a nutritionist and developer of "Naturally Painless", an effective natural pain relief remedy that blends the wisdom of the ancients with 21st century technology

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