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The Feedburner Blog News Ticker

November 30th 2005

The Feedburner Blog News Ticker

Best Syndication Blog Site

I have this blog. I write to it on a regular basis. I think what I have to say is pretty interesting. Somebody else out there on the world wide web must think its interesting too. Right? This question sent me on a quest to find out about blog subscriptions. After all, what is the point of putting your “diary” out on the internet if it isn’t for people to read it?

I found buttons that said “XML” and “+ Yahoo!”. I heard things like “RSS”, “Atom” and “feed”. I also found a lot of people who didn’t know any more about these things than I did. Somebody just told those people that they needed them and where to get them.

So, I followed the crowds to http://www.feedburner.com, put in the URL of my blog and got some code to put up this cool looking graphic:

Online Business Babble


At least I was making progress. Now instead of just posting my text link someplace, I had an animated graphic link. I still didn’t understand what all that other stuff was.

The best way to learn about something is to try it out. If I wanted other people to subscribe to my blog and read it, I needed to figure out how to subscribe to a blog myself. It was not easy for me, the novice blogger/reader, to solve that mystery. Therefore, I am writing this entry to help the next novice. The rest of this article is posted on the Best Syndication Blog Site.

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By Kathleen Gagne
Kathleen runs her own Blog  Contact Kathleen


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