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Libertarian Talk Radio Show Explores Controversial Subjects

September 2nd 2005

Libertarian Talk Radio Show Explores Controversial Subjects

Freedomworks! Hosts
Paul Molloy & Eileen Heishman

The Libertarian oriented FreedomWorks radio show will begin a series looking at the problem of battered men and other lesser known areas of domestic violence starting September 4th.

Many experts feel that abuse of husbands by their wives is far more common than wife-beating, but is little recognized due to social prejudices. Guests will include spokespersons from RADAR (http://www.mediaradar.org ) a group that tracks domestic violence reporting.  Abuse by women of children is also under-reported, critics say

Libertarians have proposed that abuses should be handled outside the criminal system and prevented by more vigorous action by voluntary groups, and say government programs actually contribute to the problem. Libertarians in 1977 were the first group to note that much of the data was woefully inaccurate and driven by political agendas and gender assumptions. They point to public ridicule of and assaults on scientists who have questioned government data, and definitions of abuse so vague they make even complaining about a spouse's adultery grounds for arrest. Libertarians have been key in promoting and initiating help lines for battered men and women both in the USA.


The show tunes in Tuesdays at 9 PM EST, and is called FreedomWorks! ...the Libertarian Perspective.

Broadcasting from Clearwater, in Pinellas County Florida on 3 stations--1340, 1350 and 1400 AM--it can be heard simulcast at the website http://www.TheFreedomWorks.org.

The show looks at things from an individual rights, non-government perspective, and attracts an international audience of not only Libertarians but activists of all groups from around the world.

The show guests activists, commentators and thinkers using voluntary means to advance their agendas and making a difference. It also has a wide array of unusual takes by national guests, from ABC's John Stossel ruminating on his creative process to Patriot Act reservations by former Republican Congressman Bob Barr.

Officials, authors and local activists from across the spectrum are frequent guests in the call in show. Calls can be made nationwide in the USA at 1-866-TAN-1340 during the show.

Recent topics included election reform, civil liberties in Florida, and growing anger over the Supreme Court's eminent domain ruling.


Activists and authors who would like to be on the show or have a public service announcement should contact it via its website.

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By Mike Gilson
Mike is an International Columnist

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