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Diet Bright, Diet Might, the Only Diet that is Right!

December 19th 2005

Diet Bright, Diet Might, the Only Diet that is Right!

Dr. J Patrick Havey

Which of all the diets that we see is the brightest and mightiest of them all? With so many to choose from and so many plans that involve complicated preparations, combinations, and measurements, how can we determine which is best for us?

There is one simple answer, and that is to look at the diet that was originally intended for us from the beginning.  It's the one that comes from Mother Nature. Study after study indicates that the majority of our sickness, illness, and disease all come from a deficiency in proper nutrition.  That means a deficiency in the nutrients that our bodies were intended to consume. 

In Mother Nature, plant life has thousands of phytonutrients which, together, provide the fuel to properly run the more than 2,000 physiological processes that are constantly going on in the body. 

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If you have experienced memory loss, sinus problems, tiredness, sluggishness, headaches, lack of focus, decreased sexual drive, or any ailment that affects you on a regular basis, then there is one easy action you can take to improve your health that comes at no risk to you.  What could be so simple, so powerful, yet have no side effects?!

The answer is even simpler than it sounds: fruits and vegetables.  The antioxidants that are found in both are needed to fight all of the pollutants that we ingest from the air we breathe, other foods we eat, and even the water we drink or bath in.  It's not just a Vitamin that we need, but all of the nutrients in the fruit or vegetable.  The combination of several fruits and vegetables in our diet each day provides not only all of the different types of "fuel" for each of our 2,000 physiological operations, but specifically for fighting all of the FREE RADICALS that are causing a compromise in our health.

The U.S. is dying a slow death, with life-expectancy expected to be shorter for the upcoming generation due to the increase in obesity, poor nutrition, and lack of awareness and action by those who preceded them.  We need to take action now and reverse the course that we're on.  We are more sick today because we can't get food or because we lack antibiotics.  Unlike 200 years ago when dying from the flu, smallpox, and other things that were beyond our control, it is now those things that are under our control that are killing us. 

Things such as food additives, preservatives, artificial content such as oils and man-made fats, as well as other toxins that we use to clean our homes, that we put on our skin, that we breathe into our bodies.  How do we fight such stresses that put more demand on our body's immune system while keep all systems functioning as they're supposed to?  Eliminating those toxins would be the first step.  Yet, since it isn't practical to think we can avoid or eliminate all the toxins we're exposed to, it is even more essential in today's day and age that we add healthy fruits and vegetables to our diet.


And which fruits and vegetables are the best?  You won't go wrong with most, but when it comes to giving the body strength to operate and fight ailments and the antioxidants that are needed for such, there are a few that top the list. According to a study done at Tufts University in Boston, there are two vegetables that top the list. They are KALE and SPINACH.  They each have more than twice as much anti-oxidative power than the next on the list, which is PRUNES. Next are Blue- and Black-berries, along with Alfalfa- and Brussel- sprouts.


By Dr. J. Patrick Havey
A graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic, I practiced in California for 3 years before embarking on a mission to study and provide a plan for healthy living to others.  Since 1995, my wife Julia - who learned healthy living on her own by discovering the steps to lose 130 lbs - and I have made it our mission and passion to help others learn to adopt a healthy lifestyle - with the focus on putting a decline on the overweight and obesity epidemic.  Contact Patrick  Listen and read more about supplementing your diet with the next best thing to the whole fruit and vegetable food by going here:

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