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Microsoft Buys Teleo VoIP Technology for IE and Outlook

September 1st 2005

Microsoft Buys Teleo VoIP Technology for IE and Outlook

Microsoft buys Teleo

Last week Google launched its Google Talk, a instant messaging service with voice chat.  Even though MSN, AOL and Yahoo all had the technology but because of Google’s strong brand name it received great fan fair. 

This week Microsoft (MS) has purchased VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider Teleo.  This could give MS an edge in the communications battle.  Teleo offers services that enable the placement of phone calls from PCs to traditional phones.

Privately held Teleo was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in San Francisco.  The Teleo service integrated MS Outlook and Internet Explorer to facilitate click-to-call dialing of any telephone number that appears on the screen.  .     


Blake Irving, corporate vice president of MSN Communications Services and Member Platform group said “Teleo has great technology to deliver superior VoIP quality and an excellent overall customer experience. This acquisition opens up infinite opportunities for Microsoft to enable even more relationship-centric communications experiences for our customers in the future.”

With 600,000 page views per month Google still operates the most popular search engine.  AOL operates the most popular instant messaging service while Yahoo operates the most popular email service.  Since so many users use the MS Outlook email program, the purchase of Teleo could give MS the edge in the VoIP wars.

If an incoming email has a phone number in the test, Teleo software can pick it up and dial it automatically.  The same goes for MS Internet Explorer; if a webpage has an email in the text, this new technology will be able to dial it for you.   .    

MSN attracts more than 420 million unique users worldwide per month.  They expect to offer localized versions in 41 markets and 21 languages.    This could draw more users to their site, thus increasing ad revenue. 


The VoIP war is far from over.  It is expected that Google will be offering its own broadband network soon.  Yahoo is also expected to offer VoIP in the near future.  Integration of TV over the Internet may be next.    

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

  VoIP Devices

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