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Best Syndication launches their Forum Discussion Board

September 9th 2005

Best Syndication launches their Forum Discussion Board

Best Syndication Forums

Shopping is not the only pastime nowadays.  Debate forums have become very popular.  There are forums that specialize in current events, health, science, technology, computers and more. 

Many media companies host forums with a broad subject pallet.  We are no different.  Our new forum includes the sub-forum topics: Health, entertainment, religion, education, sports, transportation and travel, national and world politics, business, science and computers.   

Users tend to frequent discussion board / forums when spectacular current events happen.  After the bombings this summer in London the forums were a ablaze with anger.  A similar thing happened in the US after the September 11th tragedy in 2001. 


The horrific scenes in New Orleans have also created debate.  The $2000 debit card was debated.  There was a debate as to whether there was a prompt response from FEMA.  Who was to blame if the FEMA response was slow: the President, the director or who?

We hope to explore many issues in our Best Syndication Forum.  Stories with a “hot topic” will be linked to the forum for further debate.  The forum will be moderated but not edited for political persuasion. 

If forum posters feel compelled to write their own articles they can submit them for free at our article submission page.  Our forum is free and open to all people wanting to express their opinion.  Guests are allowed to post without signing up. 


By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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