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How to Use Blogs to Market and Promote your Website

November 19th 2005

How to Use Blogs to Market and Promote your Website

Blog Marketing

Many search engines rank websites according to the quality and quantity of incoming links to it.  There are many link sharing programs where you can join and provide links to others and they provide links to your web site.

Google and other search engines have learned how to discount these link programs and some have even refused to index a site that uses a sharing.  This basically makes these programs counter-productive.  Why join a program that will cause your site to never show up on a search engine.

There is an alternative.  It does require work.  One method is to sign up with various weblogs and create your own blog with links pointing back to your site.  Some PR sites (like PRweb, WebPro News or Promotion World) are nearly useless unless you pay for their services.  Your articles can be difficult to find and you are only given one non-relevant link.


It is important to get keyword links to your site.  For instance “click here” is not as descriptive as “growing flowers”.   Search engines think the link is about “click here” not about growing flowers.  Even links that use the URL are not as good as the relevant keywords.

So if you have a nursery you will want to make sure the words that link to your site have something to do with your nursery.  Image links are almost useless for website promotion. 

There are a few Blogs that allow you to edit and use your own relevant keyword links.  I recommend Xanga and Myspace.  Google Blogger is also an excellent source for adding relevant incoming links to your site. This website also offers an excellent opportunity to promote your website.  You can customize your own blog using Best Syndication’s Blog site.   

Make your articles unique and relevant.  Don’t copy and paste the same article over and over again to various blogs.  Search engines may penalize your for this.  Make your articles relevant, informative and different.  Submit your blogs to the search engines and blog indexing sites.  Best Syndication offers automatic XML syndication for your blogs to Blog indexing sites.

Forums are another great way of promoting your site.  Make a relevant post and include a relevant link to your site.  I think Blog links carry a higher weight (or rank) than forum links.  Blogs are indexed by the search engines better than forums so consider writing articles for the Blog sites first.  Best Syndication also offers a forum.

The best thing about most blogs including Best Syndication, MySpace, Xanga and Google’s is that they are free.  Remember to submit your Blogs to the search engines and index sites.  Sign up for our RSS feed for future articles concerning this.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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