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Timing is Important when Buying and Selling Homes

November 26th 2005

Timing is Important when Buying and Selling Homes

Timing is important

One of the most stressful times in a person’s life is when he or she buys a home.  The decision process is usually long and there is usually second guessing involved after the deal is done.

The seller will wonder if he could have gotten more money for his property. They buyer wonders if he could have gotten it for a lower price or maybe should have waited.  Both may wonder if they did the deal at the most opportune time. 

Housing prices tend to rise before and during the summer when most people have more time to move.  They may take a dip after the summer when the kids get settled in school and there are fewer buyers in the market.


So if you are a buyer of a home you may pay more during the summer, but this is the most convenient buying season. If possible you may want to plan your vacation for the end of the summer right after the kids start back to school in order to save money. 

Either way, you will want to do some comparison shopping of your own.  Brokers may not be as in tune to your needs as you are.  You will want to follow the market for a couple months before you intend to purchase.  This will give you an idea of property values.  You may also want to drive by a couple houses and compare neighborhoods. 

Sellers may get the highest price during the peak buying season – the summer.  Whether you are interested in buying or selling a house a real estate broker or agent is a wise investment.  Once you sign you are committed to working with that broker, so talk to a couple before you sign.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

  Real Estate

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