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John Roberts Supreme Court Nomination

July 20th 2005

President Bush and Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts

Roberts and Bush

President Bushes Supreme Court nominee John G.Roberts is making his rounds among senators.   His goal is to secure their vote and become a Supreme Court Justice replacing retiring Sandra Day O’Connor.  At age 50, Roberts will be replacing O’Connor, who is usually the decisive vote on the nine member court.  The court has been closely divided between conservatives and liberals. 

According to the Spokesman-Review, Sandra is quoted as saying of Roberts "He's good in every way, except he's not a woman." She went on to praise his "brilliant legal mind," and predicted he would not have trouble being confirmed.

Abortion groups are worried that Roberts may shift the court, possibly overturning Roe V Wade, making abortion illegal.  They point to a brief Roberts co-wrote in 1990 as deputy solicitor general suggesting that the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion should be overturned.


Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) also raised some questions concerning the nomination.  Kenney voted against Roberts in the Senate Judiciary Committee for his current appeals court post.  Roberts was later confirmed by the Senate by a voice vote with no recorded opposition. 

Some key votes coming up this fall for the Supreme Court include Abortion, gay rights and assisited suicide issues.  O’Connor had supported abortion rights and affirmative action in college admissions in previous votes.  Roberts my swing the court to the right on these or other issues.

In the two years on the Appeals Court, Roberts has never had to deal with these issues, although he has worked with George Bush Sr. in drafting anti-abortion arguments in 1990.  He has also sided with developers on environmental issues. 

Most of Roberts written Majority Rulings while on the Appeals Court sided with the government.  None of the 40 rulings have been overturned.    


By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer



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