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Terror in Egypt

July 25th 2005

Saturday Terror Attacks in Egypt resorts Sharm el-Sheikh Taba

Sharm el-Sheikh  Egypt

Egyptian authorities believe Saturday’s attackers had links to the group that exploded bombs outside hotels in Taba  last year.  Security officials say the attackers used 500 kg of “highly explosive materials” in two cars and a suitcase. 

There is no official death toll as of yet.  Officials inside Sharm el-Sheikh put the toll at 88 while the Ministry of Health estimated the death toll to be 63.  According to Interior Minister Habib el-Adli, it is too early to say where the al-Qaeda or other Islamist groups were connected. Police are searching for three suspects.

Associated Press Reports that officials believe the bombers entered this Red Sea resort in pickup trucks with the explosives hidden under vegetables.  The targets were two shopping areas and a hotel. 


One truck bomb detonated near the luxury Ghazala Gardens Hotel after one suspect slammed the vehicle into the lobby.  Another suspect planted a suitcase bomb outside in the parking lot.  As the tourists fled the hotel the suitcase bomb exploded. 

Two militants inside a second truck got stuck in traffic.  They abandoned the vehicle leaving the truck to explode soon after.

Investigators say the attackers rubbed the serial numbers off the trucks engines making them difficult to trace.  This type of evidence helped investigators identify last October’s attackers.  Saturday’s bombings are believed to be the worst attack in Egypt since 1981.

By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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