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Three Suspects arrested in London in Connection with Terror Attack

July 29th 2005

London Bombing Suspect Image Released by Scotland Yard

Suspect Image - Scotland Yard

Police have a total of three people in custody in connection with the latest failed terror bombings in London.  The third suspect was led away in a white forensic jumpsuit from the Notting Hill scene by two officers also wearing white jumpsuits.  The suspect is still unidentified and police shielded his face from cameras.

Police in chemical suits and gas masks were seen on a story aired by Fox News securing the scene.  The latest suspect is believed to be involved in an attempt to detonate a bomb near the Oval Station in South London on July 21st.  The first attack in London occurred on July 7th killing 57 people. 

In the raid police first gave orders for the suspect to come out of the building.  When there was no compliance police wearing body armor used stun grenades and rushed into the apartment firing several shots.  Another apartment was raided at the same time without incident.  Two more suspects were taken into custody.


The apartments are close to the park where police found abandoned explosives on July 21st.  This had raised suspicions as to whether there was a fifth bomber.

In a prepared statement police said "conducted operations at two residential addresses in west London in connection with the ongoing investigations into attempted bomb attacks on the London transport network on 21 July."

Two days ago police in Birmingham arrested Yasin Hassan Omar.  Yasin, a 24 year old Somali, was seen on closed circuit TV (CCTV) fleeing the Warren Street Station in Central London after a failed attack.

According to the New York Times of the three other suspects, one has been identified as Muktar Said Ibrahim, a naturalized British citizen born in Eritrea, who is accused of trying to bomb a number 26 bus in east London. Images of two other suspects not yet identified by name have been made public. Those two suspects are accused of trying to attack subway trains at Shepherd's Bush, west London, and Oval, south London.

By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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