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Israeli Settlers moved from Gaza Strip

August 18th 2005

Israeli pulls Jewish Settlers from the Gaza and West bank

Gaza Map

Israeli settlers were forcibly removed from Kfar Darom Thursday, a town in Central Gaza.  Kfar Darom is one of 21 settlements to be evacuated by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharonís Road Map to peace plan of withdraw.  Israeli riot police fought with settlers that barricaded themselves in a Neve Dekalim synagogue. The town has been a flash point for uprisings.

President Bush praised the Israeli pullout characterizing it as a bold move that will strengthen ties between Israel and the United States.  According to Reuters the administration sympathized with the Israeli settlers, and according to administration spokesperson Dana Perino, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was "very courageous" to carry out the withdrawal.  

"We agree that the disengagement will make Israel stronger," Perino told reporters. "We agree with Prime Minister Sharon on that and the president has also said that this will bring our two countries closer together." 


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called the withdrawal a "dramatic moment" telling reporters that soon after it is complete, Israel must take further steps, including loosening travel restrictions in the West Bank and withdrawing from more Palestinian cities.  According to AP, many Palestinians fear Sharon will try to strengthen Israel's hold on the West Bank, where some 220,000 settlers live among 2.5 million Palestinians. 

The plan is to remove Jewish settlers from 4 West Bank enclaves in the near future. Israel has occupied the Gaza for 38 years where some 8500 settlers lived along with 1.3 million Palestinians.  Sharon proposed these withdraws two years ago to help ease Israelís security burden. 

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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