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Hurricane Ophelia Projected Path: North and South Carolina Coast

September 11th 2005

Hurricane Ophelia Projected Path North and South Carolina Coast

Hurricane Ophelia

Updated Story

Hurricane Ophelia is about 245 miles east-south-east of Charleston South Carolina is slowly drifting westward.  A hurricane watch is in effect from just north of Edisto Beach South Carolina northward to Cape Lookout North Carolina. Ophelia is expected to hit land within 36 hours (or until about 8 AM Tuesday). 

The National Weather Service has also issued a tropical storm warning for the southeast coast from the South Santee River Northeastward to Cape Lookout North Carolina.  This means you can expect tropical storm conditions within the next 24 hour.  Both the watches and warnings are expected to move northward over the night.

The Hurricane spinning speed is about 75 to 80 MPH just barely making it a category one on the Saffir-Simpson Scale.  The weather service does not expect any significant change in strength over the next 24 hours.  The Hurricane force winds extend about 30 miles from the center.  Tropical storm force winds extend outward about 160 miles. 

Help From the Government

Governor Mike Easley of North Carolina has sent 200 National Guard soldiers to staging centers in eastern North Carolina.  He has also ordered a mandatory evacuation of tourists visiting fragile Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks according to CNN.  The island can only be reached by ferry.  Residents were allowed to stay. 

The Governor is worried about coastal flooding.  The hurricane is already piling up heavy surf and challenging surfers.  Near Wilmington at Wrightwood Beach lifeguards are prompting swimmers to get out of the water.  Few fishermen have visited the local piers.

Ophelia is the seventh hurricane in the Atlantic this year.   The hurricane season began on June 1sst and ends November 30th.  This is peak hurricane season which lasts from the end of August through mid September. 

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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