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Hurricane Rita Forecast to hit Oil and Chemical Centers 75 miles from Houston

September 23rd 2005

Hurricane Rita Forecast to hit Oil and Chemical Centers 75 miles from Houston

3 Day Hurricane Rita Projection

Traffic was at a standstill leaving the Houston area Thursday night but the freeways were all clear Friday morning.   Texas is preparing for hurricane Rita which is about 190 miles southeast of Galveston. 

Rita is now a category three hurricane on the Safir-Simpson as the winds have dropped to 125 mph with higher gusts. It is possible the storm will weaken further before landfall.  The hurricane force winds extend 85 miles outward from the center and Rita is moving northwest at about 10 mph.

The hurricane will probably not hit Houston or Galveston directly according to ABC News. The agency reported that Rita will likely hit the oil and chemical centers of Beaumont and Port Arthur about 75 miles east of Houston. The Texas emergency management coordinator predicted Rita would destroy nearly 5,700 homes and cause $8.2 billion in damage. 

Hurricane Information

New Orleans officials fear Rita will cause even more damage to their city as well.  The rising water from the rain is already causing water to pour over a patched levee / canal.  The water in New Orleans is rising 3 inches a minute according to Fox News. 

According to the National Guard there are three significant levee breaches. Dozens of city blocks in the Ninth Ward were under water while a 30 foot wide waterfall poured over the breaks in the Industrial Canal.

The tropical storm winds from Rita will hit New Orleans.  The city has barely begun to recover from the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina four weeks ago. 

The good news is that the brunt of the storm will not hit Galveston and Houston.  The bad news is that the brunt of the storm will hit a major oil and gas production area to the East.  This could affect gas prices throughout the country.

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Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Rita


By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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