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Karl Rove Investigation by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald

October 15th 2005

Karl Rove Investigation by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald

Karl Rove

The grand jury heard several hours of testimony from President Bush’s chief political advisor Karl Rove on Friday.  Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, who has been investigating the circumstances around the leaking of CIA undercover agent Valerie Plame’s identity, "affirmed that he has made no decision concerning charges."   

Fitzgerald has spent months on the case and with the grand jury set to expire on October 28th, he could either indict Rove or just close up shop.  If he decides not to prosecute the matter further he could present a special report.  It is at his discretion since the expiration of the independent council law. 

Some Democrats on Capitol Hill have been pressing Fitzgerald to present a public report on the matter.  According to AP "Such a report would ensure Congress and the American people that the investigation of this serious matter has been undertaken with the utmost diligence and has been free of partisan, political influence," wrote Reps. Jane Harman of California, John Conyers of Michigan, Rush Holt of New Jersey and Tom Lantos of California.


The White House has not commented on this investigation.  There are two individuals under investigation.  The other person of interest is Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, Lewis "Scooter" Libby. 

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