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Tropical Storm Wilma expected to become Hurricane by this Weekend

October 17th 2005

Tropical Storm Wilma expected to become Hurricane by this Weekend

Projected 5 day path of Wilma

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Tropical Storm Wilma is the 21st named storm of the storm / hurricane season of 2005.  The National Weather Service has issued a storm warning for Honduras and a hurricane watch for the Cayman Islands. 

Wilma has become nearly stationary off the coast of Central America but is expected to move westward within the next 24 hours. The maximum sustained winds are 50 mph (85kmh) with higher gusts.  Tropical storm force winds extend out 70 miles from the center of the storm.

The Weather Service says “Wilma could become a hurricane on Tuesday”.  Wilma is expected to produce rainfall accumulations of 4 to 6 inches over the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Haiti and southeastern Cuba.  Wilma could hit the Gulf coast by the end of the week.   

Hurricane Information

This has been the most active season for hurricanes and tropical storms since 1933.  Storm record keeping began 154 years ago and 1933 was the only one year with more storms.  If Wilma becomes a hurricane it would also tie the 1969 record for annual hurricanes.  

There are no storm names that begin with XY and Z so if there are more storms this season they will be labeled with Greek letters.

Forecasters warn that the storm could become a hurricane and move northward towards the New Orleans area.  The area was hit by hurricane Katrina earlier this season.  Both hurricane Katrina and Rita damaged petroleum facilities and stock market watchers a keeping an eye on Wilma.     

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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