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Hurricane Wilma Ranks as Most Intense Storm in History Heads Towards Florida

October 19th 2005

Hurricane Wilma Ranks as Most Intense Storm in History Heads Towards Florida

5 Day Path of hurricane Wilma

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Tropical storm Wilma became the most intense hurricane ever recorded.  Currently sustained winds are 155mph but they had reached 175mph earlier in the day.  The storm is massive with hurricane winds extending out 70 miles and tropical storm force winds extending out 230 miles from the center.

Currently Wilma is about 215 miles southeast of Cozumel Mexico in the Carribean.  She is headed northward into the Gulf of Mexico and may hit Florida perpendicular similar to the way hurricane Charlie did last year. 

With winds of 155 mph hurricane Wilma is a category 4 hurricane on the Safir-Simpson scale.  Earlier in the day Wilma was a category 5 hurricane setting a record for the most category 5 hurricanes in one season since records were kept.  In 1961 there were two category 4 and two category 5 hurricanes. 

Hurricane Information

A hurricane warning is in effect from San Felipe to Punta Allen on the Yucatan Peninsula, including Cozumel and the nearby islands.  A hurricane warning is also in effect for Swan Island.  A hurricane watch is in effect for the Northern and Western coasts of the Yucatan peninsula and west of San Felipe to Celestun.  

A hurricane watch remains for the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula from south of Punta Allen to Punta Gruesa.  A hurricane warning means that hurricane conditions are expected within 24 hours.  A watch means conditions are possible within 36 hours. 

Forecasters warn that if a low pressure area appears the hurricane could change direction.  All residents along the Gulf Coast should keep an eye on this storm.  As it stands right now, Wilma is expected to veer to the northeast after crossing the Yucatan Peninsula and may strike southern Florida by Saturday.   

The hurricane could lead to a cancellation of the football game between number 5 Miami and Georgia Tech.  The MV Video Music Awards Latin America ceremony has already been postponed south of Cancun.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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