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Vioxx Lawsuit - Merck & Company Trial Beginning in Heart Attack Case

November 29th 2005

Vioxx Lawsuit - Merck & Company Trial Beginning in Heart Attack Case


The case was brought by the widow of the 53 year old Richard “Dicky” Irvin who took Vioxx for a month to alleviate back pain.  Originally the case venue was New Orleans but has been moved to Houston because of the damage from Hurricane Katrina. 

The goal of the lawyers representing Evelyn Plunkett is to prove that Vioxx led to the death of her husband in May of 2001.  The defense claims that Dicky was in very good health before taking Vioxx.

Merck, according to court fillings, claims that the diseased took the painkiller for too short a time. The company says they are not responsible for the death.  Lawyers for Evelyn maintain that the companies own research shows that adverse cardiovascular effects can occur in as little as six weeks. 


The jury was chosen in less than two hours today.  Four women and five men have been chosen of which three are alternates.  This is the first Federal case to make it to trial.  Over 20 million Americans had used Vioxx and the company faces some 7,000 state and federal lawsuits with a potential of billions of dollars in damages. 

Merck announced yesterday that they plan to lay off 7,000 employees and close five factories.  Half of the cuts will be here in the US and it represents approximately 11% of their worldwide workforce.  They are hoping to save 4 billion dollars in this move.      

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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