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Mystery illness in China and Symptoms

July 24th 2005

Health Pigs China mystery illness symptoms Hong Kong Swine

New Pig Bacteria

A new disease has spread in China killing 17 people.  The illness is believed to be a streptococcus bacterium that has been transmitted to humans from pigs.  The bacterium has symptoms of fever, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, according to Xinhua news agency.  Some victims became comatose and began hemorrhaging

Of the hospitalized patients, 12 are in critical condition, 27 are in stable condition and two have recovered from the illness.  According to aljazeera, The victims in Sunday's report suffered from poisoning-related shock syndrome and were acutely infected, according to an unidentified worker at a hospital treating the patients in a telephone interview aired on Hong Kong's Cable TV.

Two major supermarket chains in Hong Kong have suspended sales of frozen pork from the Sichuan province.  The Seventeen farmers killed were from Southwest China.  It has been reported that 58 citizens have similar symptoms and are believed to be ill from the disease, some very seriously.  According to China View news agency the people become ill quickly.


There has been no evidence of human to human transmission according to the World Health Organization (WHO).  There is no sign of massive outbreak.  Zeng Huajin, a senior official with the provincial health department said "I can assure you that the disease is absolutely not SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), anthrax or bird flu,"

SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome ) first broke out in Southern China in 2002 and spread to 30 countries, infecting nearly 8,500 people and killing about 800.   In 1997 the H5N1 bird flu virus mutated into a form lethal to humans.  The bird flu is still a major concern because humans have not yet developed an immune response to it.

By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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