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Acupuncture is Effective Treatment for Headaches

July 29th 2005

Acupuncture treatment for tension headaches Study in germany


Acupuncture can relieve suffering from tension headaches, according to researchers in Germany.  The British Medical Journal reports that by applying fine needles to specific body locations cut the rate of headaches in half with 270 test subjects. 

Patients receiving acupuncture had fewer “headache days”.  Dr. Wolfgang Weidenhammer of the Center for Complementary Medicine Research at Technische University in Munich compared the difference between those with tension headaches under the treatment with those that received no treatment. 

Acupuncture was administered for 8 weeks and the subjects were observed for a total of 12 weeks (including 4 weeks after the study).  The study showed that the rate for tension headaches among the acupuncture subjects dropped in half compared to those that received no treatment. The traditional acupuncture group experienced 7 fewer headache days over the first 8 weeks.


The treated group also experienced 7 fewer headache days for the 4 weeks following the treatment.  "Acupuncture was well tolerated and improvements lasted several months after completion of treatment" according to Wolfgang.

Patients who had minimal acupuncture experienced fewer headaches as well.  This procedure is different from traditional acupuncture.  In minimal acupuncture the needles are inserted superficially in the skin.  This group had 6.6 fewer headache days while the control group with no treatment had 1.5 fewer headache days.  "The lack of significant differences between acupuncture and minimal acupuncture in our study indicates that point location and other aspects considered relevant for traditional Chinese acupuncture did not make a major difference," Weidenhammer said in a report in the British Medical Journal.

The patients received 16 half hour sessions over the 12 week period.  Side effects were reported in some of the acupuncture patients.  One of the side effects was headache.  Other side effects included dizziness and bruising. 

Dr. Seidman  ( told Best Syndication "Acupuncture is a very effective and natural treatment for many ailments. This study indicates the effectiveness of such a gentle treatment on headaches instead of consuming drugs. One of the prevalent problems in our time is the excessive consumption of pharmaceutical drugs. This obviously is where medicine should develop its path and increase effort, if indeed the patient's benefit is the main goal. The study here indicates that traditional Chinese acupuncture works as well as acupuncture without any traditional principles of point location. This proves that the knowledge of the Doctors performing the traditional acupuncture was yet limited. From my experience, traditional acupuncture helps in relieving headaches in a much higher rates then reported in this study."

Acupuncture is believed to prevent many ailments including excessive sweating, nausea, stress, arthritis pain and pelvic pain during pregnancy.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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