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Statin Drugs may Reduce Chance of Subsequent Strokes

July 30th 2005

Statin Drugs may Reduce Chance of Subsequent Strokes according to British and American Researchers

Statins May help Stroke Victims

Researchers have evidence that patients who have had strokes caused by a burst blood vessel can reduce their chance of another stroke by taking cholesterol lowering Statin Drugs.  The research is published in the August journal of Stroke and is titled Effects of Acute Treatment With Pravastatin on Cerebral Vasospasm, Autoregulation, and Delayed Ischemic Deficits After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage.  The research was conducted by neurologists at the University of Cambridge and at Duke University..

The British study took 80 stroke patients and gave half the group pravastatin (Pravachol) for 14 days.  Doctors began administering the pravastatin within 72 hours after the first stroke.  They found that patients who got the statin were 32 percent less likely to develop vasospasm than those who got the placebo.   

The British team also found that the incidence of disability and death was substantially lower in the patients getting the statin drugs.  The statin group was 83% less likely to have paralysis and 75% less likely to die in the hospital. 


Similar results were recorded in the US by a team led by Dr. John R. Lynch of Duke University Medical Center.  The American team gave 39 people either a placebo or simvastatin (Zocor).  One quarter of the patients who received Zocor had a vasospasm incident compared to 60% who had the placebo over the 14 day trial. 

Further studies are needed.  It is possible the pharmaceutical companies will sponsor future studies.  It is hoped a optimum dosage is determined.  "Much higher doses, up to 10 times higher, might be better," Lynch said. "But that might cause adverse side effects, such as muscle breakdown and liver damage."   80 milligram dosages might work better.

Statins may be helpful in other types of strokes as well.  Other studies have indicated that statins given to coronary heart disease patients have reduced a risk of stroke by 20%.  There has been no treatment-related complication was observed with the latest study.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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