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New Research may find a way to Lower Blood Pressure without Drugs

October 24th 2005

New Research may find a way to Lower Blood Pressure without Drugs

Blood Pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure like I do, you are always looking for ways to lower it without medication.  We may try to control our breathing or diet.  Some of us (me included) take medications. 

It appears that researchers in London have found the exact location in the brain where blood pressure is regulated. They have found the exact area of the brain that controls blood pressure. 

The team of neurosurgeons and physiologists at the Oxford University and Imperial College in London has found that by stimulating specific regions of the brain with electrodes, they can make the patientís blood pressure increase or decrease. 

Similar techniques  have been used to relieve pain and to alleviate symptoms of Parkinsonís Disease.  They found the blood pressure changes were accompanied by analogous changes in diastolic blood pressure and pulse.


Is it possible that nanotechnology could be used as an approach to fighting high blood pressure?  Daily News Central reported that Mr. Green, the lead author of the research paper said "However, other research groups are working on less invasive methods of stimulating exact locations in the brain -- for example using nanotechnology -- and if this becomes available, then the treatment would be attractive to a much larger number of people,"

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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