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Viagra may help Treat and Prevent Heart Failure due to Stress

October 25th 2005

Viagra may help Treat and Prevent Heart Failure due to Stress


According to research at the John Hopkins University Viagra may reduce the effects of hormonal stress on the heart by 50 percent.  Viagra expands blood vessels and has recently been used as a treatment for pulmonary hypertension. The effect of expanding blood vessels is how Viagra aids in maintaining erections. 

Earlier studies by lead researcher Dr. David Kass, a professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins, found that Viagra blocked the short-term effects of hormonal stress in the hearts of mice.  Amazingly, Viagra prevented and reversed the long-term cardiac effects of chronic high blood pressure.

In this study, 35 men and women without signs of heart disease were given two injections of dobutamine over a three hour period.  Between the injections some of the participants were given Viagra and others were given a placebo. 


They found that the first injection increased the force of heart contraction by 150 percent in all of the patients.  Later the patients that received the Viagra had slowed the heartbeat by 50 percent.  This report appeared in the October 24th online edition of Circulation.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have also found that sildenafil citrate (Viagra), a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in millions of men, effectively treats enlarged hearts in mice, stopping further muscle growth from occurring and reversing existing growth, including the cellular and functional damage it created.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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