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Sleep Apnea Auto CPAP Machine with C-Flex Comparison

November 4th 2005

Sleep Apnea Auto CPAP Machine with C-Flex Comparison

Respironics CPAP machine

Sleep Apnea is a dangerous condition that usually gets worse as we age.  A great treatment for sleep apnea is the use of a CPAP machine and mask while sleeping. Picking the right machine initially may save your life because it is so important to treat the condition.  Many patients give up after a week or two because of various reasons.

One of the primary reasons is the wrong mask.  We discussed and compared CPAP masks in an earlier article.  We will focus on the CPAP machines in this article.  There are various manufacturers and configurations. 

Some users complain of a dry throat when using a CPAP overnight.  The primary reason for the dry throat is lack of humidity.  The filters tend to remove the humidity from the air.  This problem can be solved by adding a humidifier. 

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A pass-over heated humidifier is best.  On warm days you may not need the heat, but during cold nights it is beneficial.  Avoid humidifiers that use a wick type humidifier.  The pass-over humidifiers are much easier to clean.     

Another feature you may want to consider is auto-CPAP.  Auto-CPAPs will regulate the pressure according to your apnea.  You may not need 14 cm of water (that is a pressure setting) all night. 

Most of the night you may only need 9 or 10 cm of pressure.  So why get a rigid straight CPAP?Most CPAPs ramp up from a smaller pressure to your limit.  The ramp function may help you fall asleep or fall back to sleep if you wake up in the middle of the night.  Pressing the ramp button will bring the pressure back down.

A new feature that many CPAP users love is the C-flex.  These new machines will vary the pressure in accordance with your inhale or exhale.  The pressure will be high on your inhale but then relax after your lungs are filled.  The pressure on exhale can be set by the user. 

There are a couple good machines on the market.  Goodknight is a popular manufacturer.  Many vendors will offer the 420G CPAP with heated humidifier for just under $500.  It is extremely small and is compatible with various international plug standards.

Resmed also offers a CPAP with a heated humidifier, but the best CPAP machine is made by Respironics.  Their REMstar Pro 2 offers all the features above including C-flex.  You can get the Pro-2 for just under $600 with the humidifier.  This is a auto-CPAP with a ramp function.   

Another very important feature is the smart card that comes with the unit.  You will need to buy a card reader and software to read the data but it is well worth it.  On the side of the unit there is a card slot that uses a credit card sized card to record your sleep activity. 


Plug the card reader into your USB port on your computer and install the software. After about a week pull the card (you can switch out cards because your software will come with an extra card) and use the reader to input the data into your computer.  The program will tell you how many apnea episodes you had during the night.  The data includes and distinguishes between central and obstructive apnea episodes. 

The use of this machine with the Resmed Activa nasal mask will likely give you a good nights sleep.  If you are new to CPAP try wearing the mask an hour before you go to bed and go to bed tired.  See our CPAP mask comparison article.


By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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