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New Aura Portable Battery Powered CPAP Machine

November 5th 2005 

New Aura Portable Battery Powered CPAP Machine

Aura CPAP Machine

CPAP machines have come a long way over the years.  New machines are incredibly quiet and compact.  AEIOMed has come out with a new machine that runs off a battery pack.  This means you can take it with you camping or still use it when the power goes out.  It is about time someone came out with such a device.

The new CPAP machine Aura is very compact also.  It sits upright so there is room on the nightstand for clocks and other appliances.  An optional battery pack and battery can be purchased.

The Aura features automatic altitude adjustment and patient adjustable ramp.  The ramp is a great feature because it lowers the pressure of the CPAP initially so it is easier to fall asleep.  Both the ramp and working pressure can be adjusted between 4 and 20 cm H2O. 


This CPAP will also detect and make adjustments for leaks.  It also comes with an international power supply.  You donít have to use the battery.  The optional batter can function as a battery backup.

The Aura takes approximately 4 hours to recharge.  You can use standard 110 or 220 volt power or plug the unit in it into a mobile power source like a cigarette lighter using an optional adapter.  The company says the batter will last 11 hours at 10 cm H20 without the heated humidification. 

So there is no excuse for not taking that camping trip.  You will also feel secure knowing that if there is a power outage your therapy will continue uninterrupted.   

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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