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New Found Obestatin Hormone may help Dieters lose Weight

November 11th 2005

New Found Obestatin Hormone may help Dieters lose Weight

Obestatin Diet?

Scientists have discovered a new hormone that will decrease appetite.  Scientists at Stanford University discovered the hormone Obestatin and have tested it on mice.  They hope to develop a treatment for obesity. 

Dr. Aaron J.W. Hsueh who led the study found that the Obestatin hormone is produced in mice naturally and is likely to be produced in humans as well.  Mice that were injected with a synthetic form of Obestatin decreased their food intake by half.  They ate only 1/2 gram of kibble instead of one gram compared to the mice that did not get the injection.

Even more important, the mice gained less weight when injected with Obestatin.  The control group gained 2 grams of weight over a week while the injected mice gained only 1.1 gram. .


The Obestatin hormone is regulated by the same gene that is responsible for the hormone ghrelin, the hormone blamed for weight gain.  Both hormones are made by the stomach.  

Other chemicals could be used in telling the brain whether the stomach is full or not.  Hoodia is a chemical that shows promise for weight loss.  Fen-phen has been pulled from the market after it was discovered to have caused lung disease and heart damage. 

The study is not conclusive concerned the reason the mice lost the weight.  For instance, it is possible the drug made the mice nauseated and less likely to eat.  More research is needed.

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