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New Safe and Effective Diet Pills Meridia and Rimonabant

November 17th 2005

New Safe and Effective Diet Pills Meridia and Rimonabant

Safe and Effective

Two new diet pills have been shown to be safe and effective.  A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Nov. 17th shows that the drug Meridia may double weight loss when used in conjunction with exercise and diet.  A second drug Xenical (orlistat) has also been approved for safe and effective weight loss.

The researchers found the group taking Meridia in conjunction with exercise lost twice as much weight as the group that did not exercise.  The group that exercised also changed their diet.

Meridia works by modifying the brain chemicals to lower appetite.  The subjects felt fuller faster.  Researchers stressed that the spectacular results came with a lifestyle change combined with the drug.   


Another drug called Rimonabant may also be a safe and effective treatment for obesity when combined with exercise and a balanced diet.  Rimonabant is currently undergoing FDA review and is expected to be approved. 

Rimonabant works a little differently.  It acts on the brain and on fat cells in the gastrointestinal tract.   Again, this is most effective with lifestyle changes.

Participants have gained weight back suggesting these drugs might need to be taken for life similar to high blood pressure pills.  Even moderate weigh loss can result major health benefits including lower blood pressure.

A recent study at the University of Minnesota found that weighing yourself daily may help improve your chances of losing weight.  Stepping on the scale daily will also increase your chances of keeping the weight off.

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