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Over the Counter Diet Pills Hoodia and Tonalin Work

November 18th 2005

Over the Counter Diet Pills Hoodia and Tonalin Work

Hoodia Plant

There are a couple promising diet pills on the market.  Some of the new pills will need a doctor’s prescription while others won’t.  The new pills work best when combined with exercise and a diet change.  Lowering your caloric intake and adding a workout three times a week will double the weight loss in some patients.

Meridia and Xenical require a doctor’s prescription and could prove to be costly on a monthly basis.  Some patients have gained back weight when the treatment is removed so they may need to be taken for life.

Tonalin and Hoodia can be purchased over the counter without a prescription.  Tonalin has been shown to be a natural and effective method of weight management.  Tonalin contains Conjugated linoeic acid or CLA.  CLA contains a derivative of the essential fatty acid linoleic acid, is a patented dietary supplement shown in a clinical trial to reduce body fat mass (BFM) in healthy, overweight adults.


Tonalin is formulated from safflower oil.  CLA derived from sunflowers is not as potent. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, CLA will increase lean muscle mass which will result in natural slimming.  In a double randomized, double-blind trial participants underwent an exercise program, and received either 600 mg of a CLA supplement or a placebo three times per day. CLA was shown to significantly reduce percent body fat when compared with placebo. 

But the benefits of Tonalin go beyond weight loss. CLA has been shown to improve asthma, allergy control and may even hold benefits against certain forms of cancer, including: breast, prostate, colorectal, skin, lung and stomach cancer

Hoodia has been shown to provide a promising way to lose weight.  Hoodia works by significantly reducing the appetite.  Compare the concentrations of Hoodia.  A comparison method is potency measured in milligrams (mg). 1 milligram = one gram.  Some pills will vary from 250 mg to 1000 mg.  You may want to compare to potency of each pill before buying.

Hoodia Goronii grows naturally in South Africa where it is harvested, then dried and milled into a fine powder. Some Hoodia Pills come from a lab certified extract.  Certification usually takes place in South Africa.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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