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Diet Pills and Dance Exercise may be Effective way to Lose Weight

November 23rd 2005

Diet Pills and Dance Exercise may be Effective way to Lose Weight

Richard Simmons

There are a multitude of diet pills on the market.  Many of them have a proven track record and are safe to use.  There is evidence that Hoodia and Tonalin will help you to reduce weight.  Both are over the counter diet pills that will help you curb your appetite.

There is another side to the equation though.  Most reputable weight loss programs will stress the exercise variable in their equation.  You need to get up and move around.  But what type of exercise is best? 

Everybody has their favorites.  Some would favor weight training and others would favor aerobics.  Many exercise gurus recommend a little of both. 


Recently Kirstie Alley was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  She has been working with the Talauega Brothers Choreographers. Not everyone needs professional dance lessons.

A fun simple thing like dance could be the key to your weight loss or your friend or relatives weight loss routine.  It is fun and inexpensive.  It appears combining diet pills with exercise and a balance diet may be the best solution.

Most everyone has heard of Richard Simmons.  His story is the same.  He was overweight and learned that moving to dance songs helped him lose weight.  According to Wikipedia despite his flamboyant and comedic persona, Simmons does seriously help obese people lose weight. 

He and others offer inexpensive dance videos.  They can be purchased used on eBay or Amazon.  Or you may just want to listen to the radio.  Tune into some dance station and just start dancing. 

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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