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New American Heart Association CPR Guidelines

November 28th 2005

New American Heart Association CPR Guidelines

CPR Guidelines

More than 300,000 Americans die from cardiac arrest every year and the use of CPR can double the chances that a person will survive.  New guidelines suggest it is better to “push hard and push fast” next time you give CPR. The American Heart Association now urges people to give 30 compressions instead of 15 for every two breaths.

According to Dr. Michael Sayre, an Ohio State University emergency medicine professor who helped develop the new guidelines “Basically, the more times someone pushes on the chest, the better off the patient is."

The guidelines are for all ages and “’the guidelines recommend that rescuers minimize interruptions to chest compressions and suggest that rescuers” not stop until the emergency medical services arrive.  It is important is to keep the blood flowing. 


Earlier rules recommended that the untrained rescuers stop pushing the chest and check for signs of circulation.  It appears this is not as important now, but action must be taken immediately.  The guidelines also recommend that 911 operators give instructions over the phone until the emergency medical services arrive. 

Sudden cardiac arrest can occur because of electrocution or drowning.  The more common reason is from a abnormal heart rhythm. The person experiencing the cardiac arrest collapses becomes unresponsive to gentle shaking and stops normal breathing.

If you experience heart palpitations you may want to consider eliminating caffeine from your diet and increasing your magnesium intake.  You can take supplements or eat more sweet potatoes.  There are reports that magnesium has helped people with this problem.

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American Heart Association CPR Guidelines

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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