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Can Deodorants or Antiperspirants Cause Early Age Breast Cancer?

December 7th 2005

Do Deodorants or Antiperspirants Cause Breast Cancer

Aluminum Free Deodorant

Antiperspirants are drugs that contain aluminum and according to one researcher may be linked to breast cancer.  Dr. Kris McGrath of Northwestern University believes it is possible shaving and uses of antiperspirants habits may determine how quick women get breast cancer.

McGrath is not saying that all cases of breast cancer could be linked to antiperspirants and shaving.  Breast cancer existed long before we started making antiperspirants, but McGrath notes that when use of antiperspirant deodorants increased so did the incidence of breast cancer in an “almost parallel fashion”.

According to a recent CBS report rumors of a link between breast cancer and antiperspirants have been circulating for years, but have been written off as an urban legend by most people.  Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) calls it a “false… scary” story.


What is interesting is the FDA requires a warning now on the back of antiperspirants claiming that antiperspirants are drugs containing aluminum.  Aluminum is the ingredient that stops the sweat.

There are very few studies that discuss the issue.  The FDA is aware of the concerns associated with the use of antiperspirants and shaving, but is unable to establish a link to breast cancer.  The studies up to now have been inconclusive.

There is a difference between antiperspirants and deodorants.  Antiperspirants contain both a fragrance and a chemical compound that blocks the pores from producing sweat.  Deodorants may contain a fragrance also, but prevents odors with an antiseptic agent that kills the odor-causing bacteria.  Many consumers believe that deodorants only contain a fragrance that masks the smell, and then they choose an antiperspirant.

The billion dollar antiperspirant industry says their products are undeniably safe.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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