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Mayo Clinic Research determines A Cause for Cancer Cell Mutations

December 16th 2005

Mayo Clinic Research determines A Cause for Cancer Cell Mutations

Cell Structure

New research published in the December 15th issue journal Nature may explain why some cells are naturally “cancer proofed”.  A mechanism or state called aneuploidy (AN-u-ploy-dee) may have something to do with it.  Aneuploidy is a state where a cell has an abnormal number of chromosomes that creates cellular instability, giving rise to tumors.

The research was led by Dr. Jan van Deursen PhD at the Mayo Clinic.  Van Deursen told Best Syndication that "What we discovered is that there's an active process of cellular machinery that prevents aneuploidy.  It's a surveillance mechanism involving the two proteins Rae1-Nup98 that makes sure that in every cell division the proper number of chromosomes occur.”

There are two key proteins that work to cancer-proof a cell.  These proteins prevent premature segregation of duplicate chromosomes during cell (nuclear) division.  The new cancer players comprise a two-protein complex Rae1-Nup98.


The proteins act as a cell division auditing system to ensure the right number of chromosomes is distributed to each newly formed cell.  When the wrong number of chromosomes is distributed between cells during division, mutations and cancer can occur.  These protein help promote “eupolidy” which is the ideal chromosome distribution. 

Dr. van Deursen hopes this research leads to a more effective treatment of cancer that is “gentler than the current radiation and chemotherapy treatments used”.  Until now the standard knowledge was that the aneuploidy mechanism was controlled by a single cellular system.  Since 95% of all cancers involve aneuploidy this discovery may help doctors cancer-proof cells.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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