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Diet and Exercise Techniques for Lowering High Blood Pressure

December 21st 2005

Diet and Exercise Techniques for Lowering High Blood Pressure

Your Blood Pressure

A recent study indicated that an intake of fruits and vegetables is the best diet for lowering blood pressure.  This type of diet is also typically prescribed for lowering cholesterol which could lead to high blood pressure. 

There is a proven diet that lowers blood pressure.  The American Heart Association published a finding that indicates the Dash Diet is effective in lowering blood pressure.  According to the Journal Hypertension, up until 2003 scientists were not sure why the Dash Diet worked so well.  Now it is known that that the diet acts as a natural diuretic, causing more frequent urination. 

Best Syndication writer Nicole Wilson wrote an article detailing the diet.  The goal is to lower the sodium intake by eating several servings of both vegetables and fruits every day.  Stay away from red meat.  The diet is quite different than the Atkins diet, but combined with exercise it appears to lower blood pressure naturally.


As per the exercise portion of the plan, many trainers will recommend a combination of aerobics and strength training (weight lifting).  According to the Mayo Clinic weightlifting “doesn’t cause persistent high blood pressure”.  It can cause a temporary increase in blood pressure and the increase can be dramatic “depending on how much weight you lift”.

According to the Mayo Clinic weightlifting can “help control blood pressure”.  If you have high blood pressure, talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program.  Use proper form to isolate the muscle groups.  Lift less weight and keep the repetitions higher.  In stead of lifting a heavy weight 8 times, lift a lighter weight 20 times.

One of the most important things to remember when lifting weights is “don’t hold your breath”.  Holding your breath during exertion can cause your blood pressure to spike to dangerous levels.  Try to exhale during each power stoke of the lift. 

Listen to your body.  Don’t lift right after you eat.  Give yourself at least a half an hour after a light meal.  Also stop your activity right away if “you become severely out of breath or dizzy or if you experience chest pain or pressure.”

As we age we are more likely to experience an increase in blood pressure especially if we are out of shape and don’t eat right. Try mixing weight training with aerobics.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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