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The Best Way to Shop Online Safely

November 29th 2005

The Best Way to Shop Online Safely

Online Payments

Now that the shopping season is under way many shoppers are considering alternative shopping methods.  Online shopping has become very popular and many shoppers are shopping while at work.  Although shopping online is relatively safe compared with shopping at the malls there are a few caveats. 

Recent studies found that your credit card information is safer with online retailers than with brick and mortar retailers.  Amazon, Yahoo and eBay all go to great lengths to ensure that your shopping experience is safe.  See our Hot Toys for Christmas 2005 article for gift ideas.

At these three sites you can pay for items with your credit card without ever having to reveal your credit card number to the actual seller (you still give it to Paypal, Yahoo or Amazon, but not the seller using their site).  So if you find an item at one of their retailers check to see if the seller accepts the eBay Paypal or the Yahoo Wallet.

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On Amazon I have never been asked to pay the actual seller.  Amazon handles the payments and you can continue shopping from various Amazon affiliated sellers adding more to your cart.  At the end you can checkout and give Amazon your credit card number.

You can shop at other major websites with a sense of security.  Wal-Mart, Target, Sears and Toys R Us all handle your transaction with the utmost security.  It is in their best interest to do so.  Also most credit cards have a maximum $50 liability limit.  You will not be held responsible for anything after the first $50. 

Even many of the bank cards (the ones that deduct your payment from your checking account) have set limits for liability.  You have less protection when using a bank card compared to a credit card.  It may be harder to get your money back into your bank account if your return the merchandise.

Many people are concerned with identity theft.  This does not happen with simple credit card transactions.  For someone to actually steal your identity they will need your birthday and social security number.  Neither of these items is required for online sales.

The real threat to you is phishing.  Phishing is when a criminal sends out a multitude of emails claiming to be someone he isn’t.  For instance you may get an email that tells you fraud is suspected on your eBay account.  The will offer you a link to make sure you made “these” purchases.  When you click the link you are taken to a website that looks just like the site you expected with a log in screen.  

Beware of phishing websites.  Never follow a link given to you in your e-mail.  Go to your browser and type the URL in at the top starting with www..   Phishing has become very lucrative and has now become the preferred method of stealing information.

You just might find a better deal online because online retailers do not have pay for expensive retail space.  Warehouse space is much cheaper than storefront space.


Online retailers are expected to have sales exceeding 19 billion dollars on Cyber Monday.  It is recommended you shop only on well known websites, and check for the tiny lock symbol on your browser when giving your credit card information. Always print and save your receipt. 


By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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