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Windows Plan for Operating System Pirates

July 27th 2005

Windows Geniune Software program key on your computer operating system

Windows Genuine Advantage

Microsoft will be requiring users to register in order to get updates for their Windows operating system.  The company claims they are losing billions of dollars due to piracy. Microsoft believes a third of its software is counterfeit. 

Windows Genuine Advantage is a system designed to limit the spread of pirated software.  Microsoft maintains the system is anonymous and won’t be used for anything other than verifying the operating system’s authenticity.

Registration will be mandatory for anyone updating their operating system, media player or graphics programs.  Microsoft will require you to allow them to put a “key” on your system if you want free updates in the future.

The key will be used to recognize unique characteristics of your system. The key will be read by Microsoft before allowing you to update your system.  The only way to remove the key will be to format your hard drive.    


Microsoft will be offering special promotions, discounts and free downloads for customers that participate in the program.  According the their website, you can receive “free downloads from the Microsoft Download Center, free updates for Windows from Windows Update, special offers including free downloads, special promotions, and discounts. For more information see Windows Genuine Advantage Special Offers.” 

If you attempt to validate your software and it is determined that it is counterfeit there are a couple options.  You can get a free copy of Windows if you identify the source of the software, provide a proof of purchase and return the counterfeit CD.  If you are unable to do this MS will offer XP Home Edition at a reduced price, according to the BBC.

It is estimated that Windows accounts for 90 percent of the operating systems.  Most viruses are written for the Windows system. The validation key will not be needed for security updates.  MS feels this is important to keep viruses from spreading throughout the Internet.

For more information visit www.microsoft.com/genuine/downloads/whyValidate.aspx.  

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer



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