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The Mighty Apple Two Button Mouse

August 6th 2005

Apple introduces the two button Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse

Why would anyone want a second mouse button?  Apple believes the consumer wants it, so they have introduced the new Mighty Mouse.  Actually, Apple went beyond the second button to install a “single upper shell” that features touch sensitive clicking.

The tiny scroll ball in the center allows for scrolling in two directions simultaneously.  For instance, you can scroll to the right and up simultaneously.  According to the manufacturer you can “stick with single-button simplicity or click with multi-button efficiency.”

The Mighty Mouse features two “force-sensing” buttons on either side that allows the user to squeeze the mouse between your thumb and finger activating Mac OS X Tiger Dashboard, Expose or a whole host of other customizable features –instantly.  Lefties can reverse the mouse buttons in Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.   


There may be other 2 button mice available for the Mac, but it appears this mouse may pack in more features.  The right mouse button allows for contextual menus when clicked.  The lack of contextual popup menus has been a common complaint of animators and other users for a very long time. 

This image shows the two directional scrolling

Scroll Button Demo

The Might Mouse sells for $49 and is USB 1.1 and 2 compliant.  Other non-Apple two button mice have been on the market for years and sell for about $15.  The new Apple mouse will also work with Windows XP / 2000, although not all the features will function. 

Apple Mouse



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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

  Apple Compatible Mice

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