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The New Apple Security Chips for Intel

August 8th 2005

TPM security chip for Apple Computers running the Intel Processor

TPM Security Chip

Apple started shipping Developer Transition Kits to help developers create software that will run on the new Macs that will be using the Intel Processor Chips.  These computers contained a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security chip.  These chips will be used to prevent software developed for Apple from being used on non-Apple Machines.

Apple has been using IBM made processors for their Macs, but next year they will be switching to Intel.  It is hoped the TPM chip will prevent users from installing Apples operating system (OS X for the Intel) it on other Intel machines. 

The chips have previously been installed on HP and IBM machines to provide a secure way to store passwords or encrypted data for the Enterprise Market.  The chips will block a thieves access to a hard drive even if the hard drive is swapped out to another machine.  It will also prevent thieves from booting a system from the Floppy Drive.


The TPM chip is an open standard developed by the non-profit Trusted Computing Group.  The group devises these types of security standards.  Each chip will contain an encrypted serial number that allows the operating system to verify whether it is running on a genuine Apple machine.

It may be possible to use the chip as a anti-piracy tool.  For example, in the future it may require a user to provide proof of ownership of a piece of music.  Some of the newer media player software requires a similar type of evidence.  This type of chip could become a hardware “key”. 

It may be possible to hack the key, and maybe even install the OS X on a non-Apple machine, but the real concern for most users is privacy.  Will the chip be used to monitor, log and track a client’s Internet browsing habits?  Some have expressed concern, but most experts believe it will not be used for an invasion of privacy.

If you have any comments or corrections please email me.

By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

  Apple Products

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