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Website Creation and Hosting has Become Much Easier

August 13th 2005

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Hosting Services

Not long ago there were few choices when it came to Internet Registration and Hosting.  Today there are endless choices and the costs associated with website ownership have dropped drastically.  We will be discussing some of the ways a person can create and manage a website.

What should you name your site?  The answer to that question will be determined by what you plan to use the site for.  Chances are the name you would like to use has been taken.  Start brainstorming and writing down possible names for your site (domain). 

After you have written down a dozen or so possible names you will need to visit a host / registration site to register you domain name.  Not long ago there was only one choice: Internic.net.   The price was $70 per year just for the domain registration.  If I remember right, they cut you a deal if you registered your domain for 2 years; I think the price was an “incredible” $135 for two years and you saved a whopping five bucks over two years.


Nowadays, many hosts will provide you with a domain name for free if you pay them to host your site.  Yahoo will offer domain registration almost free.  They charge a mere $9.95 per year.  This does not include the hosting cost.  They also offer a hosting service.  They will host your .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, or .us domain name.

Of course there are other hosting providers.  In this article we will focus on the least expensive way to host.  We will not cover dedicated servers.  We will not cover hosting your site yourself on your own computer.  If you decide to host your site yourself, be forewarned, you will spend a lot of your time with security issues.  Dedicated services can be very pricy and are pretty much reserved for large scale businesses or people / companies that conduct their entire business on the web.

Let us focus on some of the least expensive methods of operating a website.  There are some things you need to look for when choosing a host.  It is convenient to sign up with a host that handles your domain name registration.  Like I said earlier, most will not charge you for your domain name registration if you allow them to host your site. 

You can use their search function to determine if your desired domain name is already taken. If the desired name has already been taken, the site will usually offer you alternative names that are close to your original request.

You can expect to pay about $10 per month, and in some cases less, for a hosting service with the domain registration included.  They will include email accounts, ftp services and more. 


There are some features you might want to look for before you make your Web Host decision.  I like the idea of 24 hour / 7 day tech support.  Most of the time I am working on my site late into the night and on a couple of occasions I have phoned and talked to a live tech support person.   If you use Microsoft FrontPage for your web design, you will want to make sure they include Front Page extensions.  They should offer PHP, CGI and MySQL services also. 

Most will give you great statistics in an online control panel including how many unique visitors you receive per day.  They will also tell you who is linking to your website, how many page impressions have been served, what the most common search “key words” were,  how many hits each particular webpage got and much more.

If you have any comments or corrections please email me.

By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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