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New ZOTOB worm and its variants

August 18th 2005

New ZOTOB worm infests Microsoft XP systems

Microsoft XP

Last Friday Microsoft warned there were vulnerabilities in their plug-and-play feature.  There are three critical security flaws and one could potentially allow hackers to seize complete control of a computer. 

Since the announcement malware writers have been producing various worms to exploit the hole. They all are variants of the Zotob, as well as other bots (robot worms) and are spreading much faster than the original. 

Typically the malware code is posted to a public website where others copy and add functionality.  These advanced worms are able to spread much faster.  Experts indicate this is common.

Microsoft is caught between a rock and a hard place on this issue.  If they had not told the public about the vulnerability they would have been blamed for concealment.  But now that they have made the world aware of the vulnerability they are being blamed for new variants that are spreading fast. 


So far the new ZOTOB worms are only infecting Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003, exploiting the Plug and Play vulnerability.  According to ZDnet, one third of the business users blame Microsoft for the recent worm outbreak.  "No software is 100 percent secure, and this is collectively being felt by the industry," a Microsoft representative said Thursday. "Over the last year, Microsoft has made improvements with security."

Despite the attention the latest round of worms received from the media organizations they affected -- including Time Warner's (TWX ) CNN, Disney's (DIS ) ABC News, and The New York Times (NYT ) -- the attacks on several versions of Microsoft's (MSFT ) Windows operating system weren't as devastating as some previous worms according to Business Week. 


Experts indicate that before this latest attack normally it would take two to four weeks from the time that an exploit is disclosed to the time that we would normally see even the first proof-of-concept code that takes advantage of it.  Now the new worms and their variants hit the web within a week.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

  Virus and Worm Security Programs

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