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Search Engine Optimization and Algorithms

August 30th 2005

Search Engine Optimization and Algorithms

Search Engine Algorithms

Search Engines have been critical in the development of the Internet.  What relevance would the Internet have if you were unable to find what you were looking for?  These Search sites house a multitude of servers that categorize and link every known website.  A user types in some keywords and the Search engine searches for relevant sites.

Early search engines relied on Meta Tags and keyword frequency of a webpage to determine relevance.  Many web designers were able to fool search engines by repeating the same word many times in an article and unseen metatags. 

Google and other search engines began using a new more effective algorithm.  Instead of determining relevance by word frequency or meta-tags, they determined relevance by links.  The more quality links a site had, the more relevant it became.  The equation includes site traffic and other criteria.  Most search engines are very secretive about their particular algorithm. 


Search engines rely on programs called “robots” or “spiders” to retrieve data for their databases.  They actually “crawl” or read sites following links from site to site and page to page.  Unlike Google and Yahoo-Search some search engines index only the main page. 

Web Page Directories are different.  These sites use humans to review and categorize sites that are submitted to them.  The Open Directory Project requires sites to adhere to rigid guidelines in order to be included in their index. 

Yahoo also has a Directory.  Yahoo may require commercial sites to pay a yearly fee to be listed with them. This approach can create a good search result giving the searcher a small number of high quality links.  .   . 

A hybrid search engine will combine a directory with a search engine.  Google uses open Directory Project’s directory to enrich its generated listings.  Yahoo started as a directory but now incorporates search results from Overture and Google.


There are hundreds of search engines on the Internet.  About 95% of all searches are done with databases from just three search engines:   Google, MSN and Yahoo.  Web designers should focus on these three search engines.   

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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