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The New For Profit Mozilla Corporation

August 6th 2005

Mozilla Firefox Corporation New Browser Mountain View CA

Firefox Screen Shot

The Mountain View CA Mozilla Foundation announced Wednesday it will launch a for-profit subsidiary that will continue to develop the Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email client.  The subsidiary, called Mozilla Corporation was necessary to eliminate legal and tax issues that might arise if the Mozilla foundation tried to make money from its desktop products. 

The company assured skeptics that they were not selling out the open-source development community.  The profits from the Corporation would be invested back into the non-profit foundation and there will be no shareholders, stock options or dividends. 

Mozilla is not plagued by some of the security issues Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) users have experienced.  Mozilla also uses a tabbed format that allows for multiple browsers to be open at the same time without using up more tasks.  It usually loads quicker than the Microsoft browser, but some websites will only function with IE.   


Since the Mozilla project's launch by Netscape in 1998, the foundation has depended on unpaid open-source developers.  The new corporation is expected to employ between 30 and 35 people at a reasonable salary, and no one will be getting rich, according to the foundation.  In the future, Mozilla might consider letting other companies hire their employees to develop new features.  

The foundation has made assurances that Firefox will remain free to the user.  Sponsors like Google have helped in this regard.  An undisclosed amount of revenue has been generated by allowing Google to incorporate a search tool in the browser.  Creative sales techniques have kept the foundation afloat.

Firefox has an estimated 10% market share with more than 75 million downloads of the popular browser.  Mitchell Baker, a board member of the Mozilla Foundation, will serve as the corporation's president as new methods of revenue generation are explored. The foundation is open to new ideas in this open-source world. 

If you have any comments or corrections please email me.

By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer



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