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Apple iTunes / Motorola Team Up to Compete Against Sony Napster and Sirius

September 2nd 2005

Apple iTunes / Motorola Team Up to Compete Against Sony Napster and Sirius

Apple iPOD

Recently Motorola won FCC approval for a new phone that features an Apple iTunes player.  If the rumors are right, Apple will be announcing a new iPod phone in partnership with Motorola and Cingular Wireless.  Most insiders have predicted this marriage between phone an iPod for years.

The new Motorola E790 is expected to include a iTunes player program with instructions for downloading iTunes music files to your computer.  The music can then be transferred to their new cell phone. 

It is expected that Apple will make the announcement at a press conference on September 7th.  Various news sources have reported that the new phone / iPod will be released by the end of September.  Apples like usual is hush hush. 



12V adapter & FM Transmitter

The iPod phone will be available in two models.  Customers will have a choice between 512MB or 1GB of storage.  The 1GB model can hold up to 240 songs.  It is hoped that this will breathe new profit into the cell phone industry. 

The big drawback is that the music must first be downloaded to your computer before can be installed on the phone. The handsets are the first in a series Motorola has called "Rokr". 

There are several other phones that play music on the market.  Sony has tried to reinvent the Walkman with its new Walkman phone. Napster and Ericsson have announced plans to develop a downloadable music player / phone with Napster To Go using "side loading" technology.  Sirius Satellite Radio said in June it will supply streaming music to Sprint Nextel.     

Now Apple and Motorola are making an attempt at convergence with their iPod Phone.  According to Jupiter Research the number of wireless phones that support music will skyrocket to 70 million units by 2010.  It is expected that these players / phones will be more common than the standalone players.   


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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer



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