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Best Syndication Now Offers RSS Feeds for its Website Content

September 5th 2005

Best Syndication Now Offers RSS Feeds for its Website Content

RSS Feeder / Reader

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) has become an increasingly popular way to disseminate news, information, commentary, Blogs, Forums, sound, video and pretty much any other type of content.  The viewer / consumer downloads a RSS feed reader program.  The reader is used to check for news and updates to display. 

The feeders can aggregate content from various sources, as long at the sources use an XML style page to archive the content.  Without downloading the reader first, the XML page is utterly useless. 

In our opinion the easiest reader to use is the Opera Browser.  This browser functions like any other browser including Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox.  Like Firefox, Opera uses a tabbed format.  Unlike Firefox, Opera has a built in RSS reader.  So if you were to land on an XML page Opera will immediately prompt you “would you like to add this websites content to your RSS feed?”  By clicking yes, the news feed will be included in RSS line-up of news sources.   


Some of the most respected news agencies like the Washington Post, Forbes, USA Today, and the New York Times have incorporated XML news feed pages in their site.  Google News just recently implemented RSS for their syndication.

So why would a Newspaper or Magazine give away their content.  The New York Times’ payroll exceeds 12,000 employees.  How can the Times profit from syndicating their content for free?  Here is how: The RSS readers only give a synopsis of the story with a link to the original source.  If the reader wants to read the whole story they click the link and visit the Times website.  RSS benefits the Times by driving readers to their ads.  After all, the Times is in the business of selling advertising.

Our XLM page is called “feed.xml” and is located in our root directory.  The path for our feed is  Copying the path into the RSS input field of your reader will your RSS reader updated with our content.  If you use the Opera Browser you will not need to copy anything.  There is a great viewer for Internet Explorer (IE) called Pluck.  You can download it from Softpedia for free. 


We are very interested in your comments or corrections concerning RSS.  Do you have a favorite RSS feeder / reader?  What have we left out that you need to know?  Please submit your comments and articles.       

By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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